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Current Stock List: Reproduction

Please note that our stock is always changing. Last updated: Wednesday 06 December, 2006.


R045Regency style painted bookcase H48" W21" D12"595
R042Regency Style painted bookcase H48" W21"D12"590


R071Hat box round H16" D21"220

Cabinet bedside

R704A Pair of Victorian style, solid mahogany bedside cabinets, with single draw above a cupboard on plinth base. The French polished finish burnished & waxed to achieve an authentic look.980
R069Mahogany plain door cabinet H28"W17"D15"300
R500Pair of reproduction mahogany bedside cabinets980

Cabinet two door

R0502 Door mdf cupboard H36" W24" D12"280

Candle sticks

R0172 Black & gold candle sticks40
R018Pair mahogany candle sticks40
R024Pair of white & Gold candle sticks40
R023White & Gold candle stick40


R043Regency style hand made solid mahogany Canterbury H19"W18"D12"595


R3474 pear side plates65
R3454 pear tall mugs51
R087Dartington jug & bowl120
R381Four Large pear mugs54
R379Pear large caache pot53
R378Pear large cache Pot53
R333Pear large lamp base64
R334Pear Small lamp base55
R344Pear teapot52
R338Quilt Jug Small14
R337Quilt Mugs tall54
R340quilt side plates65
R349Quilt side plates x 465
R335Quilt teapot56
R350Small quilt Bowl12

Chair dining

R679Four single Country stickback chairs & two carvers H36" W17" D20"1,470
R701set of 8 daisy back dining chairs2,000
R077Single dinning chair H35" W20" D18"220
R676Ten Regency plain back dining chairs W46 H86 D382,395

Chair single

R134Chippendale dinner (CHOO1) drop in seat H41" W21" D18"290
R177DCO26 Fiddleback Diner275
R180DCO36 Spoonback diner H35" W20" D19"255
R175DCO47 Adam Shieldback diner H37" W20" D19"270

Chair upholstered arm

R674A Regency Style Arm Chair , upholstered in a light brown leather. W67cm H89 D57970
R677Pair of Queen Anne wing chairs W80 H116 D791,800


R30236 cm Fringed Cherries49
R22836 pomigranite fringed79
R30136cm apple tasseled54
R22936cm pomigranite fringed79
R216Aubergine large69
R222Aubergine PC6069
R309Camio Green22
R310Camio Red22
R308Elephant Cushion49
R219Large Butterfly PC 5969
R300Lemon 36cm Fringed49
R307Parrot 50cm49
R303Pineapple 36cm frindged49
R218Pumpkin small cushion PC 6249
R215Small butterfly cushion49
R217Small pineapple cushion PC6149


R170Mahogny artists easel360


R212Black Mirror69
R447Hand painted mirror frame Green115
R167Maple Mirror frame45
R168maple picture frame45
R546Small carved oval mirror frame H35"W21"435
R547Small plain oval mirror180

Painted bookcase

R034Black & red painted waterfall bookcase H48" W22" D12"590

Painted candle box

R464Butterflies On cream crackle glaed38
R664Candle box aricula on cream38
R462Candle Box Aricula on cream no crackle glaze38
R364Candle box blue with puffin25
R665Candle box tulip on cream38
R465Tulip on crean no crackle38

Painted corner cupboard

R355Blue painted corner cupbaord H23" W15" D9"190
R357Corner cupboard aricula on cream H23" W15" D9"190
R400Painted corner cupboard painted with purple & garlic195

Painted lamps

R321 Pair of handmade lamps Ebonized & gilded590
R025blue & White lamp base45
R366Handmade painted lamps In a military style650
R090Lamp basses 20900
R019Large mahogany lamp base90
R030Mahogany lamp base40
R011Pair blue marbled lamps90
R191Pair of lamps painted cream with cups & saucers on180
R210Pair of large lamps740
R192Pair of painted white lamps with blue cups180
R490Pair of small lamps Purple & Crackle240
R013pair white & Grey lamps90

Painted letter rack

R356Letter rack painted blue with gold leaf design65
R515Tul;ips & butterflies with purple squares69
R514Tulips & butterflies with purple squares69

Painted magazine rack

R226Black painted magazine rack no handles95
R405Hand painted magazine holder120

Painted shaker boxes

R518Set of poppy shaker boxes120
R473Set of shaker boxes180
R668Shaker boxes painted yellow with variuos flowers160

Painted table

R670Pair of round painted tables green with tulips H27" D20"950

Painted tissue box

R443 Aricula on Yellow39
R444Aricula on yellow39
R506Carnation on green background with dragonfly39
R505Carnation with dragon fly39
R472Elephant on Purple39
R471Elephant on purple39
R468Garlic On purple39
R557Hand painted tissue box mans39
R461Tissue Box Blackberries On blue & Cream ladies39
R460Tissue box ladies Blackberries on Blue & Cream39
R432Tissue Box Onion on purple ladies39
R431Tissue Box painted pink with tulip Ladies39
R442Tissue box poppy on Green39
R533Tissue box square with white flower39
R534Tissue box squarewith white flower39
R453Tulip Deep purple with checks39
R470Tulip on pink39
R454Tulip with deep puple squares39
R552White Poppy on cream39

Painted tray

R401Painted tray poppy`s & bits Purple Cheques92
R163Painted tray red with cream & topery49
R507Painted tray tulips on black tray with gold95
R418Painted tray yellow with primula +garlic & cooko Pint96
R377Tea Tray 3 ariculas on cream background with blue boarder & butterflies120

Painted waste paper basket

R149Aricula on cream69
R157Aricula on white & blue69
R494figs on purple69
R435Garlic on purple69
R434Garlic on purple69
R477Garlic on purple with double gilt boarders59
R449Large Oval bin Flame lilly Crackle glaze on cream89
R481Oval bin Iris on yellow with cheques69
R479Oval shaker bin with landscape on yellow90
R672Painted paper basket Large yellow flower on green background69
R412Painted waste paper bin butterfiles on red ground89
R224Pineapple bin yellow edge cream inside69
R392Pineapple on yellow59
R556Poppy bin with spots69
R158Purple & Cream waste bin with Topery49
R667Red aricula on yellow69
R151Red Bin with Aricuila on49
R480Shaker bin Iris on yellow with cheques69
R495Small bin69
R450Small oval bin Areca Palm Crackle glazed on Cream79
R452Small oval bin Flame lilly on cream with no crackle glaze79
R493Strawberry bin69
R437Tulip on cream with pink checks & interior69
R489Tulip pink squares69
R359Waste bin Brown with nieve flowers59
R385White flower on cream49
R516White flower on cream & white Bin69
R156White poppy on cream69
R553White Poppy on cream39
R551White poppy on cream69
R159Yellow Aricula on Green yellow interior49
R482Yellow bin with aricula & yellow square69


R360Antony Skuse Portrait of a lady750
R323Birmingham Church195
R324Blue Thomas Ross Urn195
R537Garlic on cream With green frame179
R535Hand painted pic of aricular on cream with green background179


R002Mahogany wall shelfs Georgian style H24"W32"D7"380
R047Walnut serpentine shelf H21" W22" D7"180

Silver clock

R571Large Silver clock C2D/LO87
R570Large silver clock C2D/LO87
R568Small silver clock C1X/LO56
R569Small Silver Clock C1X/Lo56

Silver coaster

R573Plain silver Coaster 5"79
R572Silver coaster 5" plain79

Silver picture frame

R204Blue box small frame68
R561Contemporary picture frame 6"x4"73
R560Contemporary piture frame 8"x6"116
R564Contemporary silver Frame 7"x5"87
R652Contemporary silver picture frame 6"x 4"73
R563Contemporary silver picture frame 7"x5"87
R565Hallmarked silver frame J64/3F65
R198L pressed with cherubs picture frame134
R203M Pressed rec frame
R206M silver frame oval74
R197Medium frame with pressed flowers picture frame59
R207P Rec Frame blue box103
R562Picture frame 6x4 light oak73
R368Plain rectangular silver frame54
R367RH41 pair of silver frames165
R373RV11 Pair of large embossed frames470
R370RV19 round embossed frame45
R566Silver frame 4.5" x6" J64/356
R559Silver picture frame Contemporary 8"x6"116

Silver plate

R492Pair of silver plated vases280


R705A Parkertex & Baker two seater sofa with tuned legs, Feather cushions & Fringe H36" W61 D40"1,490


R655Mahogany stool250
R073Pine stool120
R184Small footstool ST004175
R185Small footstool ST004175
R531Victorian oval footstool Small180
R074Xframe stool zebra fabric H18" W20"490

Stool piano

R543Josephine duet stool H21" W48" D17"395
R542Water gilded window seat/piano stool good carved decoration H23" W32" D15"740


R393 Mahogany birdcage table (OTO11) H25" D16"320
R04619th century style Mahogany oval tripod table H28"W24"D16"
R022Georgian side table H27" W24" D17"425
R065Hand made wine table160
R064Hand made wine table160
R075Inlaid coffee table350
R062Mahogany & Gilt side table400
R497Mahogany bedside table380
R425Mahogany octaganal table H29" W18"650
R390Mahogany wine table OOTO3270
R007Medium round coffee table H19"D28"320
R132Pair of flute leg square tables (OTO26)560
R383Pair of green & gold georgian style square sidr tables on turned legs950
R066Pine circular table200
R021Queen Anne style Walnut table limed H21" W23" D17"425
R395Small birdcage table (OTO11)320
R396Small birdcage table H25" D17"320
R394Small mahogany birdcage table (OTO11) H26" D17"320
R388Small round Flute wine table OTOO3 (in Shop) H22" D16"270
R006Small round mahogany table H19" D20"280
R083Small square inlaid mahogany table H18" W16"240
R080square inlaid mahogany table180
R081Square low table240
R063Well made circular table690
R029White painted whatnot table490
R407William IV style Ebonized & gilded octagonal centre table H29" W18"390

Table centre

R141Mahogany round carved wine table (OTO16) H29" D24"290

Table dining

R6916ft mission pine table + 6 side chairs810
R700Mahogany dining table with winder2,200
R675Victorian d end mahogany dinning table with winder & 2 leaves W126cm H77cm L2592,400

Table dressing

R070Hand painted dressing table with turned legs & shelf below H30" W36" D21"480
R696Solid mahogany dressing table with turned legs & shelf below H28" W36" D19"690

Table Nest

R423Mahogany nest of tables H30" W20" D12"690
R669Mahogany nest of tables in Regency style H30" W20" D12"690

Table occasional

R058Hand made walnut table with turned legs & X stretcher H655
R697Small serpentine mahogany table H16" W18"220

Table refrectory

R678Oak refrectory table H29" W72" D35"1,200

Table Silver

R529Chippendale silver table H31" W34" D19"690

Table Stand

R5412 Draw basin stand160
R519Barley twist mahogany plant stand120

Towl rail

R523Mahogany towl Rail H36" W32" D12"120
R524Towl rail120


R225Balck tray hollyhocks & others in vase95
R419Painted tray black with tulips & gold green edges120
R320Walnut shaker tray Cream with green rubbed through With tulips on92


R474Burr cherry bowl80
R476Burr cherry bowl80

Wine cooler

R498Brass and copper wine cooler180
R499Copper & brass wine cooler180

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